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Neoprene Tote, Mini Tote, Oversized Tote

Neoprene Tote, Mini Tote, Oversized Tote


Galaxy Wave
Lagoon with dark blue side
camo red stripe
Silver Snakeskin
Luxe leopard black
Oversized Tote Camo with Orange- 10/20
Lexi Leopard
Kelly Bag
Grey White Winter ❄️ Stripe
Oversized Golden Snake
Black Striped Mini Tote Set
Green Camo Star
Black Gray Cheetah
Black Pink Star
Camel Chic
Wild stripe
Sweet camo
Oversized Pink Camo Duffle
Chic Stripe
Classy Cheetah
City Chic
Chic Star
Fall Deer
Nashville mini tote set
Golden Glam Leopard
Royal Yellow Stripe
Mini Miami Tote Set
Black and White Chic
Oversized shimmer seas tote
Navy Pink Stripe
Fall Stripe
Black Gray Cheetah with Stripe
Black grey cheetah with pink stripe
Santa Fe
Pink Dots
Winter Deer
Royal Red Green Stripe
Mini Green Camo Pink Stripe Tote Set
Fall camo preorder 11/1
Blue Green- second preorder 10/15
Prep School 9/28
Fall Cheetah 10/15
Leopard Stripe 9/28 first. Second preorder 10/25
Fall Snake 9/28, second preorder 11/1
Tan Check 10/15
Cream Checked 10/15
Rainbow Leopard- 10/20
Zebra - 10/20
Classic Red Stripe Fall- 10/20
Green Fall Zebra 10-15
Golden Fall- round 2 11-10
Camo with pink stripe 10/20 arrival
Oversized Black Stripe Tote
Pink Pop
Onyx Camo Tote set
Silver Bullet

Not only are these unique, roomy and cute but they are perfect for the beach and pool as they are water resistant! 💦 

We 💗 the little matching pouch that comes with each tote! Oversized Tote Bags do not have a mini pouch.

Dimensions of Tote Bag 
15.8” x 13” x 9.5”

Oversized Tote Bag: 

22” x 15” x 7”

Mini Tote Set: 

15” x 9”